Welcome to Cupology!

The Story - 

Cupology was started as an exploration of art and technology between my Mom and I. We originally started Cupology when we were looking for a unique gift for my grandmother, and couldn't find anything that suited our needs. Our most popular item, the Long Distance Mom Mug, was actually designed for my Grandmother. After receiving a ton of positive feedback on the design from her and her friends, we decided it was an idea worth perusing! Nearly 800 five star reviews, a proper business space, and a few employees later, - here we are realizing it was an awesome idea. 

Where we are now - 

After celebrating our 6th year in business, my mom and I both focus full time on Cupology. I just recently graduated college (with a degree that has nothing to do with coffee mugs, but that's life). My mom continues to think up and produce brilliant design ideas (all while being a super mom). My Dad and Brother have also started working with us full time, in addition to another two employees whom we consider family. 

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